Terms and conditions

  1. PURPOSE: You will be taking part in the validation of the environmental assessment SENSE-tool, created as part of SENSE (www.senseproject.eu) project funded by the European Union. The project purpose is to provide SMEs in the European food sector with a tool to facilitate quantification of environmental impact caused by the entire production chain. The tool is based on the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) principle and provides indicators such as carbon footprint, water footprint or eutrophication among others.

  2. LICENCE: SENSE offers you a non-exclusive licence for use of the software included, pursuant to the terms and conditions established herein. The Software may not be used for any purpose other than as expressly authorised by this Licence.

  3. DATA PROTECTION: The User undertakes to introduce real values on input (material, water and energy) and output (waste and discharge) referred to products which may be required by the tool. SENSE Consortium also ensures complete privacy and confidentiality of data entered and impact indicators in compliance with current data protection regulations. Global mean values obtained from all participants in the tool validation process may be published without disclosure of participants' names.

  4. GENERAL PROVISIONS: The Software shall be neither used nor altered for any purpose other than as specified herein without prior authorisation from SENSE Consortium, which may be denied at their own discretion for whatever reason. Any modification, handling or alteration regarding engineering or software compilation or decompilation is expressly forbidden.

    The use of the Software by or for the benefit of third parties is strictly forbidden. SENSE Consortium is entitled to invalidate the Software Licence at any time giving the User one day notice. The User shall not be entitled to claim or seek compensation. Furthermore, the User shall neither (a) lease nor transfer use of the Software to third parties through any title or even for non-profit purposes; (b) take any measures to decompile, dismantle, analyse or convert the Software through reverse engineering or otherwise. The User undertakes to strictly comply with instructions for correct use of the Software.

  5. TITLE: The User shall have no right, title or interest in the Software nor will allow any existing obligation or levy on the Software, permit third-party use of the Software, or carry out any action which may modify the Software copyright. Therefore, the User shall not sell, lease, lend, disclose, transfer or assign any title or copy the Software for third parties.

  6. VERSION MODIFICATION AND UPDATE: SENSE Consortium may modify the Software pursuant to the Terms & Conditions included herein and replace it with updated versions as appropriate.

  7. TERM AND VALIDITY: This agreement shall be effective until 31/12/2014. From thereon, you will be denied access to the Software.